We are happy to announce the 1st International Workshop on Future Search Engines (FoRESEE 2014 ). Search engines are still the major driver for developing web technologies. In addition, they also enforce enterprise applications, in particular for knowledge workers. In short terms: search technology is everywhere. However, developing search-driven applications requires high skills considering algorithms and software design. We would like to present an integrated view on backend (Big Data and search functionality) and frontend (Human-Semantic Interaction and Human-Computer Interaction) technologies. Thus, bringing together these two communities for the benefit of both.

Moreover, we are addressing the academics and in particular the industrial researchers and developers. The FoRESSE workshop will provide a platform for exchanging thoughts and ideas from different perspectives with relation to search technology. It is organized as a joint operation of the Research & Development Department of Unister GmbH (Leipzig), the Distributed and Self-organizing Systems Research Group of the technical University of Chemnitz, research group Big Data Analytics of the University of Weimar and the Technical Working Group visualistics at the Technical University of Dresden.