Review of the 1st International Workshop on Future Search Engines (FoRESEE 2014)

We had a very interesting workshop in Stuttgart. The INFORMATIK 2014 presented an excellent support for all of the Joint Workshops on Semantic Web and Big Data Technologies (AST, BDMobiLog, DERM, MOC and FoRESEE).

Our speakers have given inspiring presentations, s.t., the audience get a very good impression of the current research on future search engines. In particular, the keynote of Prof. Avi Bernstein (University of Zurich) about “Programming the Global Brain Semantic Web: Large-Scale Graph-based Human-Machine Computation” needs to be mentioned which were both visionary and driven by cutting-edge technology.

As planned the speakers were selected from different field w.r.t. future search engines (from backend to frontend) and have well presented their point of view or their innovations, respectively.

The following talks were given:

  • Aspect Grid: A Visualization for Iteratively Refining Aspect-Based Queries on Document Collections by Florian Haag, Qi Han, Markus John and Thomas Ertl
  • Architecture and applications of the Parallel Distributed Image Search Engine (ParaDISE) by Roger Schaer, Dimitrios Markonis and Henning Müller (presentation)
  • Search Ontology – a new approach towards Semantic Search by Alexandr Uciteli, Christoph Goller, Patryk Burek, Sebastian Siemoleit, Breno Faria, Halyna Galanzina, Timo Weiland, Doreen Drechsler-Hake, Wolfram Bartussek and Heinrich Herre (presentation)
  • Semantik-gestützte Analyse von und Suche in Kundenspezifikationen im Maschinenbau by Martin Voigt, Daniel Hladky (presentation)
  • Visual Innovations for Product Search Interfaces by Mandy Keck, Martin Herrmann, Dana Henkens, Severin Taranko, Viet Nguyen, Fred Funke, Steffi Schattenberg, Andreas Both and  Rainer Groh (presentation)

We thank all speakers and the audience for the participation. Together we made the workshop a great success and had a lot of fun. On behalf of all organizers, we are looking forward to meeting you next year at the 2nd International Workshop on Future Search Engines.